Who we are

We improve education and communities development with resources coming from the income of a fund constituted by Volkswagen in 1979.

Nowadays, we embrace two priority causes: urban mobility and sustainable communities, and social mobility and inclusion. In addition, we support some social responsibility actions by Volkswagen of Brazil.

We share the vocation of moving people. Movements that reduce distances and generate change, transforming potential into reality.

Together with technical partners, we apply and spread knowledge able to relate theory to practice. We plan and engage in actions through partnerships with the public and private sectors, and organized civil society. And, together, we implement projects that influence public policies and are sustainable over the long term.

Our mission is to promote and engage in actions that contribute to improving the quality of state education and fostering the sustainable development of low-income communities in Brazil. For this, we work on continuing education projects for local school educators, providing access to quality education.

Respect, sustainability, continuity and transparency are the values that underlie our work. This is part of what we do to inspire and move people.

Get to know the members of the Board of Trustees, Audit Committee and Executive Board of the Volkswagen Foundation

Board of Trustees

  • Chairman Douglas Pereira
  • Vice Chairman Marcio Chelles
  • Adviser Lineu Shigueaki Takayama
  • Adviser Marcelo Quio
  • Adviser Silene Chiconini
  • Adviser Rodrigo Capuruço

Fiscal Board

  • Chairman Luis Fabiano Alves Penteado
  • Adviser Edvaldo Picolo
  • Adviser Claudio Herbert Naumann

Executive Board

  • Director-Superintendent Henrique Mendes de Araújo
  • Director of Administration and Institutional Relations Vitor Hugo Silva Neia
  • Director of Controllership and Accounting Ricardo Kronemberger 
  • Director of Finance Thiago Santucci de Almeida


  • Deborah Rossi
  • Giovani Gabriel Gomes da Silva
  • Graziela Previatello
  • Jeniffer Caroline Luiz
  • Jonathan Leite Soares da Silva
  • Mariana Ferraz Formaggio
  • Renata Pifer
  • Sandra Viviani
  • Sheila Viana Dias