Photo taken above a woman’s head looking from the front. She is conducting a chorus of children of various ages


That which takes us from the start to the finish, that connects “From” to “To.” That reduces distances and generates change, transforming potential into reality.

Photo of an 8-year-old boy, wearing glasses, writing on a piece of paper. A woman points out letters in a notebook.This is why we support multiplying people and institutions that, if driven, have the potential to move more and more people. To generate more and more changes.

We contribute to the training of these multipliers, whether they be educators or social entrepreneurs, active in schools or in communities.

Photo of a stage presentation, with a young woman dressed as an older lady. There are children from behind watching a show.We apply and spread, with the support of technical partners, knowledge able to combine theory and practice, generating effective social changes in education and communities development.

“Knowledge is everything to me! Without it, the world is very small.”

Francisca Lopes, participant in the Sewing the Future project.