Volkswagen in the community


We believe that promoting social change is a responsibility of everyone, not just the Foundation. That is why we also strive to promote active citizenship among Volkswagen employees.

We do this by means of a Volkswagen in the Community contest. We also provide training and awards to social organizations that promote community development. All are selected based on the recommendations of company employees.

This way, employees, community social organizations and the Volkswagen Foundation work together to promote more development.

As important as financial resources is the knowledge of how to manage them effectively.

Many community organizations face not only financial, but also project management and execution challenges.”

Keli Smaniotti, Volkswagen Foundation Director of Administration and Institutional Relations

The award for selected initiatives is more than just money. We help these organizations plan how to administer these resources in a sustainable way, ensuring achievement of the goals established for their projects.


In 2017

  • 12 awards granted;
  • 455,321 people directly assisted;
  • R$480 thousand donated to social organizations;
  • 116 employees became project sponsors;
  • 1,096 social organizations in 25 states participated in the contest;
  • 1,259 projects recommended in 2017 (a 59.4% increase over 2016).


  • Neurônio Ativação de Negócios e Causas.

Os números desta história (2008 to 2017)

  • 96 awards granted
  • 927,089 people directly assisted
  • R$3.52 million donated to social organizations
  • 5,609 projects registered in 27 states
  • 2,119 employees became project sponsors