Sewing the Future


This is what inspires the Sewing the Future project: promoting empowerment and autonomy by training sewing professionals.

We are talking about entrepreneurs who, in addition to sewing, know how to plan their businesses, communicate, sell and work in networks.

Our role is to craft and share knowledge for the personal and professional development of these entrepreneurs, so that they are ready to meet market demands efficiently.

“This is not just to supplement income: It is to actually generate it!”

Josino Gomes, Sewing the Future project participant.

This training and crafting process produces a direct benefit for the participants: generation of income. One of the consequences is an increase in their ability to fulfill large orders (spreading the order between network participants), with excellent production and delivery quality.

More knowledge, more work, more income generation!

In addition to the financial return, the project contributes to develop the self-esteem and personal skills of the participants. Many of those in vulnerable situations were able to change different aspects of their lives through professional achievement.


In 2017

  • 58 entrepreneurs in São Bernardo do Campo, in the state of São Paulo;
  • In 2017, Sewing the Future entrepreneurs fulfilled the company’s commercial orders, making panel covers, armbands for cell leaders and ecobags for various internal areas of the automaker.


  • Aliança Empreendedora;
  • ASTA Network.

Os números desta história (2009 to 2017)

  • 76 tons of cloth were reused
  • 434 entrepreneurs trained