Learning through Art


To speak of art is to speak of life. After all, how does one establish limits for what exists in order to then exceed them?

Expand the ways we look at ourselves and our surroundings; stimulate the imagination and perception; create and interact with the world. All this is the role of art!
And this is why we work so that art is an ally of the process of educating and developing children and young people.

Consequently, we develop continuing education programs for educators (including teachers, coordinators, administrators, educational agents and parents). The goal is to provide professional development including the dimension of art knowledge in real educational processes.


In 2017

  • 945 educators assisted (826 in the completely online mode and 119 in the semi-on-site mode);
  • 361,812 adults indirectly assisted in the two modes.


  • Arte na Escola Institute.

Os números desta história (2015 to 2017)

  • 1,902 educators assisted (in the completely online and semi-on-site modes)
  • 562,666 adults indirectly assisted in the two modes